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CANADA: Iraqi Christians Protest Against ISIS Expressing Concerns For Their Families Back Home


TORONTO: Iraqi Christians settled in Canada protest against the persecution of Christians at the hands of IS.

Thousands gather to protest against ISIS
Thousands gather to protest against ISIS

Hundreds of Iraqi Canadian Christians gathered in Toronto calling for the government to stand up against the persecution of Christians in Mosul. These Christians have faced harassment and persecution since terrorist group ISIS began its occupation on June 10 earlier this year. The crowd marched around Queen’s Park Sunday afternoon.

During this protest many protestors said: they had fled Iraq years ago in fear and are now worried about their loved ones back home.

A Christian of Mosul Roubina Shamoil said: “If I was there right now my options would be to convert, to be killed, pay or to leave.” Shamoil said: “news from friends in Iraq is devastating, with tales of people being forced to leave with nothing but the clothes on their back and some young women being taken by ISIS. It’s really, I have no words to describe the horror stories we hear from there … We need protection, we need humanitarian aid, and we need help.”
After taking control of Mosul, the group gave Christians three options: convert, pay a hefty tax or be killed. Homes that belonged to Christian families were said to be marked with an ‘N’ symbol — based on the word Nasrani used to describe Christians.