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Canada urged to pay heed to battered Christian refugees from Middle East


During a special prayer service held for the battered Christians of Middle East, Canadian priest urges Canada to pay heed to the plight of Christian refugees from Middle East. It was stated that Canadian government has been extending support and assistance to the refugees from Middle East yet Christian refugees need special attention.

Christians persecuted in Middle East

During the prayer service held at St. Michael’s Cathedral on September 10, calling upon the Canadian government Cardinal Thomas Collins said that Christian refugees are facing dire situations. “It is a fact, a clear fact, a fact that is simply unrecognized that the most persecuted people in the world, in the Middle East, in Asia, in Africa, in the Americas and throughout the world are Christians.”

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Addressing a gathering of about 300 Christians, Cardinal Collins said that persecuted must be helped practically. “Justice and human decency requires that all of us, and especially our Canadian government, by word and deed, offer practical assistance to those who are persecuted and who seek refuge here — and obviously, especially, to those who are the most persecuted and the most vulnerable.”

“Our faith is the foundation for the energy and endurance in affliction that come from Christian hope. Not optimism: for as we look at the power of evil, violent far away and subtle closer to home, it is not humanly reasonable to be optimistic. But when we recognize in faith that God is in control, nothing can overcome us. Our human responses to affliction, though worthy enough, are utterly inadequate,” Cardinal Collins said during his homily.

“We are inspired by our brothers and sisters who die for Christ. We may or may not be called to die for Christ, but we are all called to live for Christ, and to offer in our daily lives a witness of practical, compassionate, radiant love, energized and made enduring by a hope that arises out of deep faith,” he told the congregants.

On this occasion, Coptic Bishop Mina-Head of Egyptian Orthodox Christian Church in Canada also led the prayers. Cardinal Collins also emphasized the heinous incident of Christian persecution back in 2015 when terror group Islamic State killed 21 Egyptian Christians on a beach in Libya.