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Capital Punishment for keeping a Bible in North Korea


North Korea has become the most oppressive place for Christian where Christian believers cannot keep a Bible or even speak the name of Jesus Christ publicly.

Capital Punishment for keeping a Bible in North Korea

Vernon Brewer (President of World Help), smuggles Bibles into North Korea. He knows that possessing a Bible could get 15 years of hard labor in a prison cell or a death sentence. According to Brewer’s assumption, there are 300,000 Christians living in North Korea while 70,000 are perished in inhuman prison camps for practicing their faith.

Vernon Brewer and his team work for changing lives. They work to share the God’s words by smuggling Bibles across the border in the DMZ (The demilitarized zone is a border barrier that divides the Korean Peninsula roughly in half according to an agreement between North Korea, China and the United Nations in 1953). They are smuggling computers having Bible college curriculum for the training of future pastors.

A twenty six year old defector Paul shared his testimony that which hardships he faced for being Christian in North Korea.He said that he was in the North Korea military in Pyongyang. He was posted in communications monitoring radio stations where he first heard about God and His son Jesus on the radio. Coincidentally, his family planned to leave North Korea. They fled towards the mountains of China and suffered from cold and hungry. Eventually, other defectors took Paul and his family to an underground church where they got shelter for three months and learned more about Jesus.

Paul added, “Because I was in the military, I knew if I was caught I would be killed. Police did catch us in Laos while trying to make it to Thailand and then to South Korea. We were put in prison for processing, but by God’s grace we were all sent to South Korea.”

Optimist Brewer said, “This is all on God’s agenda. This is all part of God’s plan and this is on God’s time to see North Korea come to Jesus Christ.” Brewer and his team will remain committed for God’s work and will continue pray for change in North Korea.