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Caritas Pakistan Appeals Government To Act : Karachi Heat wave


Caritas Pakistani has appealed to the government to take action in regards to the ever increasing death toll caused by the heat wave that has struck Karachi.

“Unfortunately, in many hospitals, care for heat stroke patients is not a priority,” lamented Amjad Gulzar, Caritas Pakistan executive secretary, who spoke with AsiaNews.

Morgues are over flowing to capacity and there is no room left for the bodies to be stored, temperatures are soaring to 45 degrees Celsius and people affected by the immense heat continue to come to hospitals which have also reached capacity.

Caritas Pakistan, who have an office in the city are playing there part by visiting the sick and affected in hospitals and considering how help can be provided, according to Amjad Gulzar.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had declared a state of emergency in Karachi and the army has set up 29 heat stroke treatment centres. Extended hours of power outages and inability of drinking water have added fuel to the misery of people.

Amjad Gulzar has appealed to the Pakistani government that the state of the people is beyond words and the situation is critical. A solution needs to be found. Having sub standard power grids in a densely populated city does not help the cause.

Caritas Pakistan are at the moment no able to bring in help but stand in solidarity with the affected and help will also come in soon.