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Cases of forced conversions are under reported in the media says Hindu lawmaker


A Hindu lawmaker claims that Hindu girls are being kidnapped and forced to convert on every day basis. PTI’ MPA Sindh, Lal Chand Malhi said that the majority of cases of forced conversions of Hindu girls are never reported in the media, which hampers bringing out the factual numbers. He said that for this reason, it is not possible to compile authentic and near to the reality statistics of such cases.

Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam in Sindh

MPA Lal Chand explained that in majority of the cases teenage girls from the religious minorities, are kidnapped, converted to Islam and married to their abductor or any another Muslim man. The abductor finally claims that that the girl had willfully converted to Islam, and presents related documents in the court. The girls while in the custody of the abductors, are never allowed to meet with their families. If in case their family tries to meet them, they face harassment, threatening and other practices to shun them away.

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MPA Lal Chand said that the practice has become a routine matter in Sindh, which is home to predominantly Hindu population of the country. Although, the society is generally tolerant towards other faiths, but religious extremism has gained a foothold, as biased attitude of police in cases of forced conversions and witnesses is an obvious omen.

Hindu girls are abducted and converted, this is happening every day,” he explained, with great alarm. He said that majority of these cases are not reported in the media, which means one cannot have access to the actual statistics of such incidents in Sindh. “I think 90 per cent of cases go unreported.”

He further explained the plight of these marginalized Hindu families saying, “Here we are talking about those poor families who either work as bounded labor or earn only one-time meal. These people refrain from going to the police due to obvious reasons,” he said while adding instead the victims’ family approaches the local landlord or politician seeking help but all in vain. “Again majority of the landlords in the area do not belong to our religion and naturally are not that sympathetic to them” and these cases remain unreported.