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Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation Protested Against Child Abuse


The Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation (CICF) is a non-profit NGO which raises voice to root out social evils and help marginalized societies in Pakistan.

CICF strongly protests child abuse in Pakistan and demands justice for poor Zainab and all other sexual assaulted victims across Pakistan. On Sunday 14 January, CICF held a procession in protest of the heinous offense of child abuse in Lahore at the Liberty Market Roundabout.

Cecil and Iris Chaudhry Foundation Protested Against Child Abuse

People from all field of life participated in this rally and raised voice for Zainab Nasir. The horde of the procession stressed that government must take some efficient criteria and generate a policy to annihilate this brutal crime.

CICF’s president Michelle Chaudhry addressed to the rally saying that the regime remained unsuccessful in protecting its future nation from such heinous crimes. Such incidents have been occurring in the past years and whole nation is kept on demanding safe zone for their children. Now it has become the hour of need that the government authorities must design some ‘protection policies’ in order to make every single child confident regarding its safety.

Ms Chaudhry said that to stop such incidents reoccurring in future, the pedophiles of menace sexual assault must be punished without any delay after accountability. A secure environment is the only requirement of our children. Hence anyone who commits crime of rape must not go unpunished.

CICF presented their demands which are following:

  1. Strengthening of the Child Protection Bureau; it should be empowered to effectively perform its duties diligently across the country at every level.
  2. The Government must recognize the need for separate legislation for minors ravaged mercilessly by abuse and rape. A judicial commission should be established to develop legislations to address the issue of child abuse and child pornography.
  3. Setting up of rehabilitation centers at all Government hospitals to counsel sexually abused children and their parents.
  4. To make it mandatory for all government, private and madrassa schools across the country to create and implement child sexual abuse awareness programs to educate children on sexual violence and abuse.
  5. Provision of a horizontal justice system which facilitates the complainant instead of digressing to favor the perpetrator; Special Police Complaint Cells to be set up at the lowest level of governance for this purpose.

CICF reminded the country regime that in 1990 Pakistan signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) therefore it is duty of the government to take necessary measures to resolve these cases of sexual abuse.

Ms Chaudhry said that CICF is dedicated to provide a ‘terror free society’ where children could have a secure adulthood.