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Chairman Ordered Special Grant for the Renewal of Historical Temples


Chairman Evacuee Trust Property Board Mohammed Siddiq al-Farooq ,visited Historic temple in Pasrur along with senior staff members and other minority leaders, where he declare that special grant will be issued for the development and renovation of historical temples including Katas Raj temple and Sadhu Bela temple in Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Sukkur.

Order of quick repair of the historical temple in Pasrur

Director of the Board took a genuine notice of the commitment of the temples and issued quick requests for its prompt repair and every single fundamental undertaking. Conversing with neighborhood Hindus and media delegates display on this event, Siddiq al-Farooq said that securing the minorities’ religious spots is our obligation.

He said that I am expressly checking all activities. Basic advances were taken to take care of alternate issues, including the welfare of the Hindu and other minorities in Pakistan.
Administrator Sema Samira Rizvi, informed the board of Chairman about the problems of historical temple and local Hindus, and gave him full briefing.

The fact of the matter is seen that Hindus were not permitted to join the military until before 2000, and they were just invited in the national military amid the matchless quality of Pervez Musharraf. This is interestingly with the nation’s Christian community whose individuals have been serving in the armed force for any longer—with numerous on senior postings.

In the meantime, Pakistani Hindus are debilitated from serving in the nation’s mystery offices also while India’s Intelligence Bureau was going by Syed Asif Ibrahim, a Muslim, for a long time.