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Chairman senate, election commission and political parties are blameworthy for murder of Soran Singh: J.Salik


Prominent Christian leader, Julius Salik has stated that, present chairman of Senate and Election Commission are to be held accountable for the murder of Sardar Soran Sigh. In a press release, issued by the leader, political parties, Raza Rabbani and the election commission were strongly criticized.

Sardar Soran Singh murder

J. Salik-Convener of World Minorities’ Alliance and organizer of Awaami Maseeha Party, further asserted that superficially, the Sikh lawmaker was murdered by a political rival Baldev Kumar. In his opinion, the basic responsibility lies on the Election Commission of Pakistan owing to the fact that religious minorities’ representatives are selected instead of being elected, which creates an air of rivalry among the minorities’ candidates.

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“I have been pressing upon this issue since quite a while now. The selection procedure is unfair, however, nobody lent an ear to me. As a result, we have suffered a heavy loss in the form of murder of Sardar Soran Singh.” He went on to grumble that former chief of Army Pervez Musharaf crafted this bill, and got it implemented by means of the eighteenth amendment in the constitution. He said that the draft of the notorious bill was prepared by present chairman of senate, Raza Rabbani. Later, all the political parties voted in favor of the bill.

It was after this bill was passed that the religious minorities started bearing the brunt of this legislation. The candidates from the religious minorities had to settle for the selection procedure. And this is the root cause of political enmity. On the pretexts that Baldev Kumar was next in line, after Sardar Soran Singh; he got incited him to murder Soran Singh in order to grab the seat. In case the selection procedure was not implemented, Soran Singh would not have been killed.

In one way or another, political parties, election commission and the chairman of senate have played a role in the Sikh lawmaker’ killing. All the while, there had been concerns about the selection procedure but nobody paid attention to it. He further stated that the Apex court in its August 5 ruling had already decreed against the selection procedure, and now it’s the responsibility of our leaders and political parties to implement the ruling.