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Chanab Nagar Christians’ graveyard run-in : PCC to help miffed Christians out of the fix


Pakistani Christian Congress steps forward to lend a helping hand to the tattered Christian community of Chanab Nagar. Followed by the news of the feud was aired, Pakistan Christian Congress chief, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, has called upon Ahmadiyya community’ headship to issue directives to Chenab Nagar’ Ahmadiyya leaders to avoid land expropriation of the graveyard which belongs to the Christian community.

Christians facing threats from Ahmadiyaa community in Punjab village

In this regard, Pakistan Christian Congress’ Punjab chapter official Akram Waqar Gill himself visited Chenab Nagar where situation remains tense between the Christians and Ahmadis over the graveyard land dispute. Chanab Nagar is home to more than three thousand Christians and the Christian existence in the village predates Pakistan.

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The disputed graveyard which is actually property of the Christian community of Chanab Nagar, is being eyed by the local Ahmadis. What is more, the Ahmadi community has almost illegally occupied half of the land of the Christians’ graveyard. Seeing this, expropriation, the local Christians were angered and staged a protest against the land grabbers.

However, their protest and resistance resulted in sacking of Christian employees from the health and education centers belonging to the Ahmadiya community. This landed the Christian villagers in to deeper trouble. PCC official, Akram Waqar Gill, urged the local Ahmadiya community’ leaders to halt expropriation of the land of the Christian community’ graveyard.