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Charging Geo/Jang owners Under Blasphemy is Un-Islamic: Ulema


Religious leaders have pointed out that according to Quran and Sunnah nobody should be involved in a crime in which he was not directly involved.

According to Ulema, charging Geo/Jang Owners under blasphemy in which they were not directly involved is against the principles of Islam

The scholars, including Minhajul Quran Ulema Council chief Dr Mufti Najeeb Hashmi, Jamat Ahl-e-Sunnat Punjab Nazim Qari Abdul Ghaffar Qadri, Anjuman Fidayan Mustafa President Saleh Muhammad Shah Hashmi, have told that Charging Geo/Jang Group owners under the alleged blasphemy was against the Islamic principles.

Mufti Najeeb Hashmi said, addressing a ceremony for special prayers for the recovery of wounded journalist Hamid Mir and for the progress and strengthening of the Geo/Jang Group, according to Islamic Shariah anyone should be accountable for penalty under Islamic Hadd if he blames someone for a crime he has not committed.

He said the same content was aired several times by ARY, Express and Samaa, but those who were passionately issuing Fatwas against Geo never raised the similar issue against those channels.

He stated with sadness that most of the Fatwas were issued with false names and such Fatwas have no religious status.

Other scholars also told that Geo is being trapped and mistreated under a scheme which is obvious that only Geo is made responsible for all sorts of crimes while its competitors are being permitted to go scot-free. A large number of workers of the Geo/Jang Group attended the ceremony.