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Charlie Hebdo Caricatures Must Not Be “Treated As Actions Of Christians Against Islam”


Bishops of Senegal strongly condemn violence in the name of God.

Senahalese Bishops condemn violence in the Name of God
Senahalese Bishops condemn violence in the Name of God

“We strongly condemn the murderous violence of terrorism and fanaticism that attacks human life in the name of God. This is unacceptable because life is a gift from God that must be respected and protected”, write the Bishops of Senegal in a statement sent to Agenzia Fides in relation to the massacre in Paris.

The Senegalese Bishops also condemned the controversial caricatures of Charlie Hebdo which incited rage all over the Muslim world. They asked God’s mercy for the victims of terrorism and violence in the name of God. They also expressed stern desire to limits between freedom of expression and offending the religious feelings of millions of people.

“Religion is a very sensitive fiber. Therefore we must not play with fire! For this reason, without ever entering into the logic of revenge and violence, we denounce the abusive nature of these publications”.

The Bishops also stated that “these caricatures cannot and must not, in any way, be treated as actions carried out by Christians against Islam”. On the contrary, say the Bishops, the ideology of those who publish these cartoons “is often directed against the Christian religion and especially against Catholics”.

“We launch this appeal to protect our dear Senegal from the demons of division, hatred and violence, as religious Christian and Muslim leaders have always done” the statement concluded inviting everyone not to give in “to the pressure of outside influences, which might call into question the very foundations of our society and stake a claim on our future”.