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Charlie Hebdo Caricatures: Pakistani Christians Stage Protest In Peshawar Condemning The French Magazine


PESHAWAR: Pakistani Christians also raise their voices against the Charlie Hebdo caricatures which have provoked Muslims all over the world.

Pakistani Christians protest against Charlie Hebdo
Pakistani Christians protest against Charlie Hebdo

According to details, about one hundred Christians, gathered as they were holding crosses in their hands and shouted “Down with Charlie Hebdo”. These protestors were members of a local political party United Christian Movement. They condemned the caricatures published in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. These contentious cartoons have sparked outrage from the Muslim world where protests have been ignited all across the globe which sometimes have been violent.

At this occasion the leader of this protesting group Naseem Nicholas said, “We stand together with our Muslim brethren. We appeal to the Pakistani and French governments that the blasphemers who published these sketches be punished. They should be hanged. The west and the rest of the world should ensure that no one does such things in the future against any religion, prophets and sacred books.”