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Child abduction wham: Rawadari Tehreek demands recovery of children abducted from various areas of Lahore


In an appalling report, it was stated that at least 6 children were kidnapped in last 30 hours from various areas of Lahore. IG Punjab said, “Police teams are searching for the missing children but there is no success.” In compliance with media reports, at least 207 children have been abducted since January 2016 up till now.

Rawadari Tehreek protests outside Punjab Assembly

In a protest held today at Charing Cross, Lahore Rawadari Tehreek- a social movement campaigning for peace demanded safe recovery of missing children. They censured the inaction of police as none of the abducted children have been recovered by the police so far. This protest was held today, July 23, in front of Punjab Assembly.

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The protesters urged the Punjab government and law enforcement agencies to take note of the appalling increase in child abduction cases in last few months. Chairman Rawadari Tehreek, Samson Salamat leading the protest said, “The situation is alarming in Lahore due to the frequent incidents of abduction of children and adolescents and there is an atmosphere of terror particularly the Badami Bagh/ Data Nagar area of Lahore where almost 20 children were abducted just in July 2016 and among those 4 were found dead.”

Parents of missing children also joined the Rawadarians as they raised their voices against the appalling surge in kidnappings. People from every walk of life chipped in and called upon the provincial government to ensure recovery of the abducted children while taking abrupt actions to thwart such incidents.

The assembly of protesters included several social and political activists including Ms. Saeeda Diep (Chairperson, IPSS), Ms. Sadia Sohail Rana (MPA), Mr. Umar Farooq (Secretary General, Rwadari Tehreek), Ms. Sabira Asmat (President Rwadari Tehreek Punjab), Mr. Iftikhar Rasool (President Rwadari Tehreek- Lahore), Mr. Rizwan Gill Advocate (Vice President Rwadari Tehreek- Lahore), Mr. Zameer Afaqi, Mr. Naseer Ahmed, Mr. Samuel Pyara, (members of Rwadari Tehreek Core Committee).

Chairman Rawadari Tehreek urged Government functionaries, law enforcement agencies, Human Rights Ministry and Child Protection Bureau to take action in order to ward off the escalating situation in the city. At the same time he put forth two inflexible demands saying: “A judicial inquiry should be held into the frequent abduction of children, safe and immediate recovery of the abducted children and formulation of an uncompromising policy to put a lid on such crimes in future.”