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Children of Shahzad and Shama Bibi still live in fear as they yearn for their parents


Pakistani Christians

Children of the Christian couple burnt alive in brick kiln over blasphemy accusation yearn for their parents this Christmas.

The ordeal of November 4, 1024 has left a lasting impact on the lives of three children of the Christian couple which was lynched by a mob. Their life collapsed when their parents were falsely accused of committing blasphemy by throwing pages of the Holy Quran in their rubbish. As a result of the allegations, the Christian couple was then lynched and burnt while still alive on a brick kiln by a fuming mob.

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However, these three children have left Kot Radha Kishan, and have settled in Lahore along with their maternal grand father. The children have been admitted in schools and almost all necessities of life have been provided to them by Christian charities, nonetheless, the children still long for parents.

”The children often cry for their parents,” their maternal grandfather says, while adding that even after time has passed, the Christian family still lives in fear. Soon after the incident five other Christian families fled from the village fearful for their lives.

The anxiety which the three children and their maternal grandfather have had to under go since the ordeal began; carries on despite the fact that the authorities have taken some measures to protect people being entangled in fake blasphemy accusations. Shahzad and Shama were in due course found to be falsely accused of committing blasphemy.