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China: Alarm bells ring for Christians attending churches not backed by Communist government


Chinese officials have announced that the Christians who attend churches which are not backed by government will not be eligible to receive welfare of insurance funds from the government. This announcement will directly affect the elderly Christians who are eligible to receive welfare assistance from the government.

Christian persecution in China

In line with Christian advocacy group China Aid, a local governing body in China’s central Guizhou province made the announcement in earlier in July. China Aid quoted Mou, a local Christian member of a house church member, saying; “Officials verbally announced on July 2 that Christians could not have welfare or any old-age insurance. Now, the county called on the government in the towns and villages to order believers to sign a guarantee, stating that if they gathered again, their welfare would be cut off.”

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Another Chinese Christian Zhang Shucai, a member of one of the targeted house churches said: “Not long ago, I went back to my hometown and asked my parents about the welfare payment cancellation. They told me that they still hadn’t received their welfare. Authorities only arrested my mother last time, but they canceled the welfare of both of my parents.”

Previously in a similar offensive against Christians, the government issued an ultimatum warning Christian parents that if they or their children attend church, the state will not allow their children to show up at college or enter the Chinese military service. In a similar attempt, an elderly church member was pressurized by the Chinese authorities, to sign a bond which forbade him from attending church, as a result his grandson was allowed to join military.