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China: Authorities detain 20 Christians in “Black Jails”


Chinese Christians

In the time period of last two months, Chinese authorities have hooked and confined at least 20 Christians in “black jails.”

The anti-Christian drive by the government of China is seeing an increase, as the recent arrests have lead to speculations that the government of China is trying to enforce a “totalitarian regime” on its citizens. China Aid, which is an America based human rights organisation. Christians who have been kept in black jails are from the cities of Wenzhou and Jinhua, both in Zhejiang province in the east of China. Most of these Christian detainees are pastors and deacons of various churches, among these detainees is a human rights lawyer Zhang Kai who went missing since August.

Zhang was among those 300 rights activists and lawyers who had been representing more than one hundred churches who were fighting orders to remove their crosses from their tops.

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China Aid reveals that even though, black jails are illegal still these Christians are detained in Black jails, moreover, the organisation has explained that Christians facing torture and the Christians detained in jails refused to allow to communicate with family or legal representatives is common in China.

China Aid reports that a Christian from Wenzhou said, “Where are these people? We don’t know, and now most of them have been placed under residential surveillance now instead of criminal detention. This is entirely outside the law. These are the actions of totalitarian regimes.”

Another Chinese Christian, said, “After a year, the cross demolitions had mostly finished. Then came the persecution, as pastors were caught and are still unreleased. The officials are becoming more arrogant and more powerful. The thing we need most is to have people who will step up to stop these kinds of things from happening. These people, can we fight for their release?”

Rights activists had been pointing to the fact the human rights situation is constantly deteriorating in China. Chen Guangcheng brande a civil rights activist said that the demolition of church crosses “a public declaration of war to the international religious community.”