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China: Christian children banned from attending a church failure to comply will result in legal action


China prohibits Christians from sending their children to a church, failure to comply will result in legal action. Christians have been threatened with legal action if in case they do not discontinue sending their children to a church in China.

Christian persecution in China

Christian parents have been warned by Chinese authorities not to send their children including teenagers and young to a church in the Guizhou province. In case their children attend the church they will not be allowed to go to college or join military.

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A church official said “This notice was sent to all of the schools in Huaqiu. They, public security, intend to cleanse us and ask us to join the Three-Self Church.” Christian charity group China Aid reported that Christian parents were forced into signing declaration saying they will not take their children to church.

The church official further stated: “Yesterday morning, I questioned a government official in our township, saying ‘we do not accept the way you handled our church’s public meetings … what regulations does the central government have prohibiting church meetings? Let us see them.’ He said ‘the higher level leadership ordered us to do this; we are just doing as they say.’

However, it is still uncertain if the ban was ordered by the central or local government. In another bizarre move, the authorities barred an elderly Christian from attending church. But regardless of the hard line stance of the Communist government, Christianity witnesses an explosive bloom in the country. It is believed that China is all set to become world’s largest Christian population by 2020.