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CHINA: Christian Population Now Outnumbers The Communists In The Country


The number of Christians in China is growing significantly. Total Christian population now outnumbers the number of Communists in the country.

Christian population in China is growing
Christian population in China is growing

According to Steven Mosher- head of the Population Research Institute, he encountered lively and growing Christian communities during a recent trip through China. “There are now an estimated 100 million plus Christians in the world’s most populous country, with Catholics alone accounting for about 12 million of this number,” he says. By contrast there are 87 million members of the Chinese Communist Party–“most of whom are Communists in name only.”

According to a religious expert, although China is officially an atheist country, its Protestant population is on the verge of puff up to 160 million by 2025. However, not many are prepared for “this dramatic change,” he adds.

Fenggang Yang, professor of sociology at Purdue University says, “By my calculations China is destined to become the largest Christian country in the world very soon.”