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CHINA: Christians among the first rescuers on the scene of deadly chemical explosions in Tianjin


Chinese Christians

Chinese Christians were among the initial to respond to the explosions in Tianjin last week.

According to reports, about 60 Christian volunteers rushed to the site of chemical explosions in order to facilitate the Chinese Government’s rescue effort. Deadly explosions rocked Tianjin last Wednesday August 12. As a result, at least 114 people were killed and more than 700 were injured.

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This rescue mission was organised by the Tianjin Diocesan Social Service Centre, the Christian volunteers distributed drinking water, clothes and other supplies among the victims in the hospitals and other relief settlements.Two horrifically massive explosions occurred in a warehouse containing many hazardous chemicals.

Prior to relief operations, Christian volunteers were briefed accordingly on chemical contamination, afterwards, they were sent off to different relief camps and hospitals.

A Christian volunteer, Ignatius Song, described an incalculably chaotic scene saying: “Broken glass was everywhere on the road that led to the blast scene. There were collapsed buildings. It was like watching a disaster movie.” He said, emergency vehicles and ambulances were rushing here and there t transport the injured to hospitals along with carrying in supplies.

Another Christian says, “Tianjin is not short of money. What is needed now is relief supplies. But since roads that lead to Tanggu are blocked, we have to ask friends and relatives who live in that area to buy and dispatch the relief supplies for us.”