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China: Christians beaten for protecting church from destruction


Chinese Christians were severely beaten for protecting their church. The incident took place in Hebei province where government backed gangs hired bashed the Christians who tried to protect their church from being destroyed. The incident reportedly took place last week.

Christian persecution in China

In keeping with Christian persecution watchdog, China Aid reported that officials from the government attempted to force the administration of the Fuxing Church to sign a document declaring that the land would be transferred. The land transfer that document would have forced the congregation to move to another place.

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The church authorities refused to sign the document which infuriated the government officials who hired gangsters to destroy the circuit breaker of the church building. Christians present inside the church tried to stop the vandals from destroying the church property but were severely beaten by the attackers.

One of the elders of the church said, “On the morning of Dec. 29, my son and his friend went out to eat, and, when they had finished eating, came out [of the restaurant]. Seven or eight gangsters surrounded them, dragged them from the car and beat them up. His friend was injured so badly that he could barely open his eyes. He was bleeding profusely, and his nose bridge was fractured.

The police came out after I reported the case, but they colluded with the gangsters. We went to the police station and recorded the incident, but nothing was done about it. On the next day, several church elders went to the municipal government to petition.”

Several Christians who were beaten then had to be hospitalized where they received medical treatment. Christians complain that no action has been taken by the authorities in this regard and that their complain has fallen on deaf ears.

He vowed that the congregation will continue to meet at the church and will fight for their right and sanctity of the church. He said that Christians throughout the Langfang area are backing Fuxing church.