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China: Christians fast and pray anticipating greater persecution


In thicket of escalating persecution, Chinese Christians have resorted to the ploy of fasting and praying so that they may stand firm in the midst of persecution. House churches’ leaders are anticipating severer stance from the Communist government. There have been measures to tighten the noose around booming house churches which have been targeted in particular.

Christians persecuted in China

A US based Christian disclosed that Chinese Christians are getting edgy as they anticipate greater persecution from the government. They have increased concerns over the newfangled laws which would heap greater restrictions on religious activities in the country. The upcoming legislation is said to put reign on the religious liberty in China. Experts fear that these laws are just an episode of government’s drive to exert more control over the citizens’ religious life.

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Previously in September, the Chinese government had issued a two-page letter delineating the need for amendments to religious laws; maintain that religion is a potential threat to national security. The new law has 74 articles compared in comparison with the previous version which has 48 articles. The revised version of religious law covers legal provisions, sites for religious activities, religious personnel, religious property, legal liability, religious bodies, and other aspects.

According to an expert, Chinese officials identify Christianity as a tool that the West could use to destabilize and infiltrate the country. He claims that Chinese government believes that infiltration could happen through the church. On the other hand, Dr. David Curry of Open Doors USA said: “Many people within China view Christianity and their rapid growth as a threat to national unity.”