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China: Christians gather to worship among the ruins of a demolished church


Christian worshipers gather to worship among the ruins of their demolished church, defying the Communist Chinese government anti-Christian drive. These congregants in China’ Wenzhou, Zhejiang province conducted a prayer service despite their church building demolished by the government officials.

Christian persecution in China

Zhuyang Church, which was a government-sanctioned church, was routed as a part of an unprecedented church demolition drive. On May 20, the church was demolished by about 100 government officers took down the church building authorized despite the fact that it had the government authorization to operate.

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The church member said that the only reason the official could provide for church’ demolition was that the church was “transforming the villages in the city.” Separately, more than 2,000 crosses have been toppled down of the churches in Zhejiang province on the pretext that they were too high or in violation to China’ policy on buildings. In March alone, 50 churches were demolished in Wenzhou.

According to a church member, “The government said that religious matters would be handled with care, but now it doesn’t care about religions at all.” He further added, “Even churches with full legal documentation, if they fail to reach an agreement, will be brutally torn down by the government. The brothers and sisters of this church wonder if justice still exists.”

Followed by the demolition of their church’ building the congregants staged a protest, as the Christians were holding banners that bore strong sentiments of resentment. “We are strongly opposed to this brutal, violent forced demolition,” one of the Christian protester’ banner read. “The illegal principles of law enforcement are intolerable,” another banner read.