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CHINA: Christians Worship In Under Ground Churches At The Moment But Country Set To Become “The Largest Christian Country In The World”


China’s Communist Party which is in power in the country has placed a number of restrictions on Christians and other religious communities in the country. Due to these restrictions Christians were forced to practice their faith in underground churches.

An under ground church in China
An under ground church in China

In April 2014, thousands of Christians in Wenzhou Province of China courageously formed a human shield to protect their church, Jerusalem of the East, which was threatened by the government to be demolished. The tragedy never ended here, Chinese Christians are largely unable to find state-sanctioned churches in which to worship and as a matter of fact some Christians have initiated underground churches in private homes and other sites.

According to the 2011 Pew study, there were estimates that there were more than 65 million Christians inside China, and according to recent claims and estimates,” China would soon become the largest Christian country in the world.” But for the time being, underground churches are where many Christians in China worship and congregate.