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China: Demolition of a sate-sanctioned church miraculously averted


Demolition of a church in China averted, followed by a successful campaign from local Christians. The imperiled church is state sanctioned having proper legal documentation. Purportedly the authorities wanted to construct a Buddhist temple on the site for which reason the church was about to be demolished.

Church demolitions in China

According to Christian advocacy group China Aid, Mengen Church was facing looming threats of demolition owing to which, launched a petition to prevent the demolition of their church that resulted from a land battle between the Christians and authorities who wanted to build a Buddhist temple on their church land.

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In a bid to prevent demolition of their church, the church members signed a petition and obtained one hundred and forty seven signatures, which were enough to get the demolition ward off. Previously, on July 28 the church members were able to stop an electrician from cutting off the power supply to the church.

China Aid quotes Wei- administrative head of Mengen Church as saying: “On July 28 several Christians went into town to report this matter, because our church has all the legal documents. The town’s government personnel replied that they would conduct an investigation into this matter, but I am afraid they have collaborated with the people who instigated the case. The result will not likely be good.”

Another Chinese Christian was quoted as saying that the authorities used local gangsters in the continuing oppression and harassment drive against Christians. “The government is currently preoccupied with the ‘big tigers’ and the ‘little tigers’ continue to unreasonably bully people, using means such as burying people alive and thinking they can occupy other people’s land,” he said.