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China: Dozens of Christians injured while protesting demolishing of crosses from churches


Christianity in China

Dozens of Christians have been injured as they were protesting against the demolishing of hundreds of crosses from the churches in China’ Zhejiang province. Is has been reported, that these Christians were beaten by the police while protest. The Christians sustained injuries as a result of the clashes with the forces.

In this regard, China Aid has reported that about 100 workers of the Communist government were involved in demolishing of a cross atop of the Shangen Church. At this occasion, China Aid revealed that a female church member was severely injured as a result of the clash between the church members and the forces. “The woman was knocked to the ground and later taken to the hospital for her injures. Police and security guards at the demolition were armored and carried riot shields to hold back church members,” China Aid explained.

The demolishing of crosses atop of churches campaign was not restricted to this church only; a number of other churches including Qianbao Christian Church, Qianzhuang Christian Church, and Fenggangta Church and various others also suffered as their crosses were taken down last as well.

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“The officers ordered us not to resist. They said if we put up a fight, they would tear down the church instead,” China Aid reported. Since 2014, Wenzhou, city in Zhejiang province of China, has been the center of anti-Christian drive by the government. Owing to its large Christian population, Wenzhou is also called “Jerusalem of China.”

Since the crosses demolishing drive started, the authorities of Wenzhou have thus far demolished more than 2,000 church crosses. The authorities claim that the crosses are illegally constructed structures which violate zoning laws. On the other hand, the human rights groups have been arguing that the demolishing of crosses is aimed to restrict Christianity and religious freedom.

However, there were media reports that the authorities had presented the churches with the option to voluntarily remove the crosses, or else the government twill be sending soldiers to forcibly taken them down. Followed by this demand, the churches that said no to these orders were punished by having their water and electricity cut out. Moreover, pastors and human rights activists who resisted the campaign were also targeted.

Gu Yuese the leader of Hangzhou’s Chongyi Church, which is China’s largest government sanctioned church in the country, was arrested followed by his refusal to voluntarily remove the cross atop of the church. Authorities charged him of corruption and embezzlement.