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China: Four church pastors released from black jails



Chinese authorities releases four Christian pastors from black jails.

According to details, six people including four pastors and two lawyers were released from black jails in China. These six people were detained in black jails in Zhejiang province on the east coast of China. China Aid has verified the release of these four church pastors.

China Aid which is a Texas-based human rights organisation stated that no less than ten detainees were held in these purported ‘black jails’, which do not have any legal status. Chinese authorities clarify detaining Christians in black jails as keeping them under “residential surveillance in a designed location.”

China Aid further clarifies that the detainees in these black jails have to undergo exclusive physical and mental torture. The inmates are not allowed to communicate with the outside world in either written or verbal forms. Moreover, they are not even allowed to communicate with their legal representatives.

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The six people who have been granted freedom include Zhou Jian, Huang Xiaoyuan, Cheng Chaohua and Wang Yunxian, and two legal assistants, Liu Peng and Fang Xiangui, who worked for human rights.

Chen Guangcheng-a civil rights activist has termed ongoing governmental drive of demolishing of church crosses “a public declaration of war to the international religious community”. Thus far, in Zhejiang province alone, the Chinese authorities have torn down about 1,700 churches or in some cases have removed their crosses. It is speculated that Zhejiang is being singled out by the Chinese authorities because it is home to a large population of Christians. The escalating situation creates fears that similar situation may haunt other parts of China in future.

It is believed that the Communist Party is becoming increasingly fearful of the growing influence of Christianity, which is undergoing a robust growth in the country. According to credible reports, about 10,000 people are embracing Christianity on daily basis.

Previously, when Communist Party came to power in 1949, there were just one million Christians in the country. Currently, according to some estimates there are as many as 100 million Christians. By 2030, China will be home to more Christians than any other country in the world, experts say.