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China: Government closes another church, five pastors detained over accusations of practicing “cult”


Chinese Christians

Amidst Chinese government’s anti-Christianity drive, another church is closed and five pastors detained.

In keeping with details, the Communist government of China has detained five pastors, over accusations of allegedly practicing cult even as a church has been locked. Chinese Christians call this the worst ever anti-Christians crackdown in years.

China Aid, reports that, officials from Chinese government carried out a raid at the 71st Street Christian Church in Luoyang, Henan province. At that time, a five-day Bible training session was being held in the church. This training session was attended by over 70 church leaders. While the officials raided the church, Xigong County Police detained five of the pastors who had been attending the training session.

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The five of these pastors who have been hooked by the police have been identified as Shen and Li Jianghua from Taiwan, 71st Street Church’s pastor Li Jia’en, a Shanxi pastor, Ms Li Jiangtao, and a Henan pastor, Liang Jing. All of these have been accused of “using a cult organization to undermine law enforcement.”

However, in this case, the penalty notice read: “According to the facts of your violations, the characteristics, circumstances, and degree to which they harm society and other related truths, your law-violating actions are severe.” Officials directed the church to close down all its activities, while the church was prohibited to hold further meetings.

Pastor Li Jia’en told China Aid, that, “We were put in detention, the church was closed, and now we must pay more than 10,000 Yuan (U.S. $1,600) every month for a house that we cannot use. The shops nearby were all given public security cards, telling them to call authorities if they catch us meeting.”

Chen Zhi’ain- church leader said, “The leaders think Christianity is a foreign religion and it is part of a foreign culture, which they define as ‘Western’ culture. They see our growth as an invasion of Western culture into China.”