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CHINA: Government Continues To Remove Crosses, Demolish Churches And Harass Christians


A U.S. group that monitors the church in China has reported that, according to Chinese Christians, the communist government continues its aggressive crusade to suppress Christian worship and religious culture.

Crosses being removed in China
Crosses being removed in China

China Aid reports that Christians in Wenzhou and Hangzhou on China’s coastal Zhejiang province stated that crosses were being forcibly removed from their churches, with only one cross remaining in the Wenzhou area, where believers have suffered severe persecution.
“Local Christians said that more than 300 security agents surrounded Kaiyang Church in Yongjia County between 2-3 a.m. on [October 17],” reported China Aid. While some guards blocked the roads leading to the church, others climbed over the church’s wall and opened the gate. Thirty of the officers stood guard over the gate while the remainder entered the church where they removed a middle-aged woman who had been guarding the church and then proceeded to the church’s cross. At 3:30 a.m., a crane removed the church’s cross and set it on the ground, after which, the security agents left.”