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China: Officials tear down posters of Jesus, replacing them with President’s photos


In a bid to curb Christianity, China has taken stern measures and a massive crackdown has been launched. Officials have reportedly torn down posters of Jesus and replaced them with pictures of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The hostility has risen after the Chinese President had declared Christianity as “Western infiltration.”

Chinese President

Some of the other harsh measures include imposing ban on children from attending church services. Moreover, public displays of crosses and online sale of Bibles have been banned. Only the officially approved version of the Bible is available for the Chinese Christians. Chinese President has insisted that Western (Christian) ideologies pose a threat to China’s community regime.

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Earlier this year in April, the religious affairs department stated that all churches in China must follow the Communist Party’s rules so that they are “Sinicized”. An official article stated: “Only Sinicized churches can obtain God’s love.” The community party also declared all church teachings in China must be in accordance with the Communist party’s standpoint.

“In 2017, China advanced its so-called “sinicization” of religion, a far-reaching strategy to control, govern, and manipulate all aspects of faith into a socialist mold infused with “Chinese characteristics.” The strategy amplifies the Chinese government’s existing pervasive policies that, over time, have intruded into various communities,” the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom stated in its annual report.

“While the distinction between government-registered and unregistered churches used to be a major factor in whether or not they were persecuted, this is no longer the case. All Christians are slandered, which seems to support the widely held belief that the Communist Party is banking on a unified Chinese cultural identity to maintain its power.

When converts from Islam or Tibetan Buddhism are discovered by their families or communities, they are usually threatened, violently harmed and reported to local authorities. Spouses are sometimes forced to divorce their Christian partners, and some children are taken from their Christian parents. Public baptisms are impossible, and events such as weddings and burials involving known Christians are denied by imams and lamas,” Open Doors reported about Christian persecution in China.