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China Says It May Create Theology Based On Christianity


China to try creating a theology based on Christianity – integrating Christianity with Chinese culture which will be well-matched with the country’s socialist beliefs.


China tries to create a theology based on Christianity
China tries to create a theology based on Christianity

Wang Zuoan, a senior official for religious affairs, says China supports the development of Christianity within the country. But “the construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China’s national condition.” His comments came at a conference for Sinicization of Christianity in Shanghai.
According to an estimate there are about 23 million to 40 million Christians in China – 1.7% to 2.9% of the total population – and that each year, about 500,000 people are converted to Christianity. However China’s ruling Communist Party is officially atheistic and relations with the church have sometimes been tense. People are only supposed to worship in places permitted by the government; nevertheless many secretive churches operate too.