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China: Thousands of Christians join a 24/7 prayer movement which pounds the atheism in the country


Chinese Christians

Chinese Christians resort to non-stop prayer movement which batters the atheist nation.

According to media reports, Chinese Christians employ the weapon if prayer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in northeast China for an exceptional prayer movement.

Thousand of Chinese Christians meet for non-stop prayer movement which started as a little gathering about six years ago. This prayer movement has now emerged as a nationwide prayer enterprise which unites hundreds of Chinese churches.

Over the years, no television cameras were allowed to cover the spectacular event. Since years, the Chinese government has tried to do away with Christianity. In the bid to exterminate Christians about 500,000 Chinese Christians were killed because of their faith in the late 1940s. Despite all the hurdles, Christianity remains the fastest growing religion in China which is still officially an atheist nation.

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The leader of this prayer movement Ha Bining said, “We had a dream that someday we would build a church focused on prayer for China and the world. My tears fell like the rain and I started praying. God gave us a vision to help bring churches across China together for 24-hour non-stop prayer for our country and the world.”

Ha Bining and her husband Feng Kai had a dream to turn their piece of land in a corner of northeast China into a place of prayer. “We didn’t know who would show up or how many. I was praying that at least people from seven churches would show up. To my absolute amazement 70 churches joined us that day,” Bining said.

“We were overwhelmed at the response,” Ha Binning said, while adding, “It was totally beyond our expectations.”