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China to see an increase in Christian population, religious experts say


Chinese Christians

Great awakening observed in China as there is obvious growth of Christianity in the country. There is an apparently evident shift which is taking place in China where an all-powerful ruler did try to hound out Christianity from Chinese soil but, failed badly.

In recent times, China sees itself amidst of a religious renewal which is redesigns the overall religious scene in reflective ways. In the wake of a well-documented express religious spread of Christianity in Africa and Latin America; the rapid growth of Christianity in China has been largely overshadowed.

Only about 50 years ago, Chinese rulers attempted to eradicate Christianity completely from the world’s most populous country. According to official records, from a period from 1950 to 2010, the number of Christians in the country increased from 4 million to staggering 67 million.

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In line with some estimates, that by 2030, China is likely to become home to about 225 million Christians of Protestant denomination alone, (not including Christians of other denominations). This figure equals the sum total of Christian population in the United States.

In this regard, the Chinese Christians in South Korea, in addition to the United States, point towards the level-headed expectation that Christianity will see a net growth at least until the stage when it reaches about 30% of the total Chinese population, during the course of coming 15 years.

While bearing in mind, the history of the country, it can be learnt that from rural to urban China- all the churches, temples and mosques were shut down between 1966 and 1979. Moreover, religious artefacts of all sorts were shattered, the authorities tore down all religious buildings while all the leaders of religions were expatriated or were told to convert to a secular lifestyle. In the wake of all this, there was permission to worship only one thing, that was the Communist leader Mao Zedong.

Later on, in the period to follow a reform which took place; atheism remained the official state policy nonetheless the government relinquished all efforts to do away with religion in any way. The government also embarked upon a policy of not to limit the religious freedom of public to worship, while religious groups were officially granted permissions to build worship places.