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China: Undercover police raids a worship service, worshipers arrested


Police in Chinese province Henan conducted a raid at a church in Zhumadian. Details emerged that some of the cops wore uniforms while some of them were undercover, accompanied by government officials. About 20 worshipers were taken into custody. Witnesses said that the officials also threatened them of their jobs and security. The officials also threatened the Christians of their lives.

Christianity in China

China Aid quotes an eye witness: “Some were undercover cops, and others wore a uniform….. they snapped pictures while bursting in. Then, they cut off the service.” The raiders seized cell phones and iPads of the worshipers who were taken into custody. It is alleged that during the raid the officials pushed a woman to the ground and knocked a child off his chair.

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Another eye-witness detailed: “They attempted to grab Sister Sang’s iPad and cellphone without showing their IDs. Sister Sang said, ‘This is my personal stuff.’ They ignored her and continued to seize our stuff. Brother Qian witnessed this and took over the iPad and cellphone. Officers immediately targeted Brother Qian, and he was immediately under their control because he did not resist.”

It was revealed that the arrested Christians were Xiyuan Police Station. When they inquired about their crime, they were told that they must submit to the authority of the government and only meet at approved venues. One of the worshipers Sister Sang reportedly told the officials: “We are Chinese citizens and have freedom of religion. Why do you keep track of our personal information?”

“While the distinction between government-registered and unregistered churches used to be a major factor in whether or not they were persecuted, this is no longer the case. All Christians are slandered, which seems to support the widely held belief that the Communist Party is banking on a unified Chinese cultural identity to maintain its power,” Open Doors reports.