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China’s anti-Christians drive: Christian man prosecuted for printing Christian leaflets


Chinese government prosecutes a Christian man for printing Christian leaflets. This incident has left many Christians in fear – this recent incident is a fresh episode of Communist Party’s attempt to eradicate Christianity from the country.

Christian  persecution in China

Christian respondent namely Li Hongmin has been accused of “running an illegal business” after he had purportedly printed more than 11,000 copies of 125 Christian leaflets. His lawyer claims, Hongmin was exercising his freedom of religion.

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Chinese government’s anti-Christians drive has been documented in United States Commission for International Religious Freedom in its annual report. “In May 2015, authorities in Zhejiang Province circulated draft regulations governing the color, size and location of religious signs, symbols, and structures.

While the regulations apply to all religious markers, the move aligned with provincial officials’ systematic efforts in recent years to forcibly remove church crosses in Zhejiang Province, an area with a high concentration of Christians.

Officially branded the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign, Chinese authorities use the pretext of building code violations to target houses of worship, particularly churches, as illegal structures. By some estimates, the number of cross removals and church demolitions totaled at least 1,500, and many who opposed these acts were arrested,” USCRIF stated in its report.