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China’s Christians face an intensified wave of government backed persecution


Human Rights campaigners have voiced their concerns about intensified persecution of Christians in China. In a recent wave of targeting Christians – China’s Communist Party has stepped up its continuing crackdown of Christianity. In this regard, new rules have been introduced tightening the noose around the underground churches in the country.

Christians persecuted in China

In line with details aired by a Christian advocacy group China Aid, stated that the recent restrictions have been chalked out with the intentions to diffuse the booming house churches in the country. The revised regulations on Religious Affairs will probably come into effect early in October.

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The regulations harbor proscriptions on “organizing citizens to attend religious training, conferences and activities abroad, preaching, organizing religious activities, and establishing religious institutions or religious sites at schools and providing religious services through the internet.”

While remarking in this regard, a Chinese pastor told China Aid, “The government wants to control everything, even the smallest aspects. One characteristic of this draft is the empowerment of local government bodies all the way down to the communities. This revision will further reduce the possibility of loosening religious control in China. It is becoming impossible.”

Another Chinese Pastor Gao Baosheng who ministers a U.S.-based church says that the laws “are becoming more and more specific and detailed when suppressing Christian family churches, Catholicism, and all other underground religions. This draft will bring upon a religious winter so harsh that we must seek guidance from God.”

“Overall, the Revised Draft of Regulations on Religious Affairs is Xi Jinping’s attempt to further manage and suppress religions by taking advantage of the laws. By observing these changes in the draft, we can tell that the government is imposing more control on major religions,” he added.