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Chinese authorities force Christians to renounce their faith


Media reports emerged that the Chinese officials started forcing the Christian believers to renounce their faith. The reports unfold that the believers in Henan province were asked to sign papers declaring that they are denouncing their Christian faith. This comes as a new episode of the anti-Christians drive from the Chinese government.

Christians in China

The China Aid President Bob Fu, took it to twitter and shared that government officials are forcing Christians to sign papers declaring that they are renouncing their faith. He shared a video – this video was captured by activists. The video shows Bibles being burnt.

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“CCP starts burning the Bible and crosses in Henan. Last time burning Bibles campaign happened in late 1960s by dictator Chairman Mao’s wife Jiang Qing in Shanghai. She was arrested in 1976 but Christians grew to millions. Will Never be successful,” Fu wrote on Twitter. “The international community should be alarmed and outraged for this blatant violation of freedom of religion and belief,” Bob Fu said.

According to Fox News, in a bid to curb Christianity in China, the communist government is not only burning Bibles, tearing down crosses from atop churches, demolishing churches but also have started forcing Christians to renounce their faith. In case these believers stayed firm in their belief and refused to renounce Christianity; they lost welfare benefits from the state or in worse cases their children were expelled from schools.

Communist government’s anti-Christians drive is in full swing in Henan province however it is not limited its being carried out in across others provinces too. Authorities conduct raids on churches during prayer services; congregations were arrested on a number of occasions and were tortured. Believers were forced to replace posters of Jesus with the photos of Chinese President. Christian teachers have often faced accusations of brainwashing students with Christian beliefs.