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Chinese Christians hold form to their faith in the thick of augmenting persecution


Chinese Christians survive amidst an augmented wave of Christian persecution in Henan province. Authorities detain and torture dozens of Christians, as the Communist government tightens its noose around the Christians in the country.

Christians in China face persecution

China Aid – Christian persecution watchdog quotes a witness saying that on September 25 police officers from Nanle County Public Security Bureau bashed a local Christian, who was detained. Later 20 more Christians were beaten and arrested.

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A local pastor Zhang Mingxuan, President of the Chinese House Church Alliance, strongly condemned the atrocities of the Nanle police and urged the international community to lift up the persecuted believers in prayers.

“It is against the national constitution and laws for house church believers to be beaten by Nanle County Public Security Bureau,” he said while adding, “A lot of problems have been caused because they [the public security bureau personnel] control, attack and persecute Christianity in Henan. I hope the international community will pray for them.”

Open Doors in its list of top 50 most hostile countries towards Christians; placed China on 33rd spot. “Authorities see the meetings as threats when foreigners, media or large groups of people are involved, one example being in the province Guangdong,” reads the report.