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Chinese government bent on blowing away Christianity from the country


China’s atheist government is planning to get rd of country’s growing Christian population, which is all set to become world’s largest Christian population in a country within coming few years. In this respect, Chinese president has asserted on control of state over religion.

Christianity in China

Chinese President Xi Jinping, urged the country’s leaders to make sure that state has utter control over religion. President Xi Jinping, while attending the national conference on religion, which was held on April 22, 23 in Beijing, called upon country’s leaders to take scheming to reinstate Communist Party of China (CPC) control over religion.

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In a latest speech, the Chinese President made quite clear that he intends to regulate religion through law. Using the pretext, “rule by law,” President Xi Jinping has also supervised drafting of new legislation and few regulations. The regulations and the drafted legislation would enable the state to govern almost every sphere of its citizen’ lives. Nonetheless, after the conclusion of national conference on religion, a legislation on religion is very much anticipated.

What is more, the Communist party’s desired control over religion, will not be limited to the legal sphere but the religious doctrine will be infused with the party’s socialist values. All the while, “religion serving socialism” has been on the agenda of Communist Party, acts of direct interference in the religious beliefs and practices of individual religions. In this respect there have been calls for the “Sinification” of Christian theology.

On the other hand, China’s Communist Party is showing an unrelenting inclination towards pulling down Churches in the country. Reports are that the Communist Party had recently ordered the obliteration of another Church building stating that the placement of its cross was too high.

Thus far, during last two years, the Chinese authorities have destroyed more than 2,000 Churches in the Zhejiang province alone. Strikingly, in March 2016 only, they have taken down at least 50 crosses in Wenzhou. According to the authorities the cross removal is part of the government’s “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign. In order to justify the cross demolitions, they claim the buildings and crosses were constructed illegally.