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Chinese government intends to restrict the growth of Christianity in the country


Chinese Christianity

Chinese government tightens the noose around Christians in China.

Amid widely growing Church in China, the Chinese Communist Party is showing seriousness in controlling religion in the country. Chinese President Xi Jinping as reported by China’s official newspaper intends to build up his controls over the rapidly growing Church, targeting almost all the denominations of Churches. For this reason a summit of the Communist Party has been scheduled in which plans will be chalked out to curb the spread of Christianity.

It has been speculated that Chinese authorities have an intention to play down the unfamiliar influence on the religions being practiced in the country. However, due to government influence, the newspaper did not clearly mention Christianity alone but it does gives clear hints which signify to Christianity. A Chinese priest Father Peter said, “It’s obvious that control on religions is to be tightened.It was theory and slogans in the past. Now it becomes a real game to play.”

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The newspaper claimed in an article that earlier in May this year, Chinese President Xi had clearly stated that all religions in the country should be adapting socialist policy. The article further noted that it is “a common principle for all religions to comply with” country’s socialist policy from the time when Communist party of China was founded in 1949.

Moreover, the Chinese government has set up nationalistic associations for five religions including Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism and Daoism. However, previously, in September, regulations were announced by the United Front Work Department, that put off foreign participation in country’s religious set ups, moreover all party members are banned from following any faith.

It has been speculated that China will become home to world’s largest Christian population by 2030. It has been estimated that there are more than 70 million professing Christians in the country. Although China is officially atheist, Christianity has become a looming threat to the atheism in the country.

It has been reported from quite some months that Chinese government had stepped up it’s drive against Christians. Governmental authorities have been actively bringing down crosses on several churches. During this drive, many Christians were also arrested who tried to bar the authorities from removing crosses from the churches.