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Chinese Government Tears Down Crosses From More Than 130 Churches


WUXI VILLAGE, China — Government tears down Crosses from more than 130 Churches as Chinese Christians fight back.


Chinese Christians fight back as government tears down Crosses
Chinese Christians fight back as government tears down Crosses

According to news sources, the battle between the Athiest government and Chinese Christians started when the government-hired crew tore down the metal cross atop the one-room church in this village surrounded by rice paddies last month. The following day a church member used his own welding torch to put it back. He was promptly detained and questioned for 10 hours on the charge of operating a welding business without a license. A week later, the government hired crew came back to remove the cross. Once again, church members put it back up. This church in the eastern village of Wuxi, about 300 miles south of Shanghai, has had its water and electricity cut off.

Fan Liang’an a church goer said, “I won’t let them take down the cross even if it means they would shoot me dead.”

Throughout the Zhejiang province, the government authorities have toppled – or threatened to topple – crosses at more than 130 churches. In a few extreme cases, the government has even destroyed Churches. The authorities say the churches in question had violated building codes, denying that they are specifically targeting churches. But experts and church leaders in Zhejiang, think there is a campaign to suppress Christianity, which has grown so rapidly as to alarm the atheist Communist government.

Cai Tingxu, a Chinese Christians who left his cosmetics shop in Shanghai to guard his hometown church in rural Zhejiang after hearing authorities warned they would tear down the cross said, “The cross is the glory of us Christians, Jesus was nailed to the cross for us. My heart ached to learn that the government wants to remove the cross.”

Official assessment on the numbers of Christians in China differs widely because the government does not count religious affiliation. According to the official figures of 2010 there were 23 million Christians. This figure accounts for only those who are registered members of the state-sanctioned churches, but China also has vast numbers of underground believers who meet in secret. In recent times their numbers have reached unimaginable figures alarming the atheist government.