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Chinese Government Unfreeze Bank Accounts Of Churches And Christians


Chinese authorities have unfreeze the accounts of Christians and churches following the release of detained Christians.

Chinese Christians
Chinese Christians


According to details, more than a dozen detained Christians from four different counties of Shaoyang, in China’s central Hunan province were released. Subsequently, on Sept. 12 authorities unfroze the believers’ accounts and returned all items confiscated from the churches.

In early August, authorities detained 15 Christians after a plainclothes policeman was handed a brochure on the street and subsequently followed the believers back to a church. Through the lawyers’ efforts, the authorities released all detained worshippers on Aug. 22. However, the church members’ accounts remained frozen, as did the churches’.

On Sept. 12, lawyers finally pressured authorities into releasing the believers’ accounts and belongings. Along with the church in Dongkou County, Shaoyang, the lawyers are now pushing officials to drop the criminal charges against the seven Dongkou County church members, who, along with the five Longhui County believers, were released only after paying 10,000 yuan (US $1,630) in bail.