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Chiniot: Graveyard belonging to Christians expropriate by locals


In consonance with details, a graveyard belonging to Christians in the Chanab Nagar- a town, in District Chiniot in Punjab province; has been seized by Ahmedis residing in the town. Followed by the expropriation of the graveyard’ land, the local Christians strongly protested against the act which landed them into deeper trouble. The Ahmedis who hold influential positions fired Christian employees from jobs after the Christian minors remonstrated against the graveyard’ seizure.

Ahmedis seize Christians' graveyard in Punjab

The town has Christian population of around 3 to 4 thousand Christian residents. The Christian population of this town predates Pakistan however, the town has predominantly Ahmedi population. The indignant Christian locals accuse that some local Christians have joined hands with the Ahmedi community in expropriation of the graveyard.

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Local Christians are demanding that graveyard’land be handed back to the Christians as they urged the provincial government and authorities to take note of the incident and make sure the graveyard land is released from the custody of Ahemdis. Pakistan is home to about 2–5 million Ahmadies; which is the largest Ahmadiyya population in the world.