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Chitral: Vigilante mob attacks a man for uttering ‘blasphemous statement’


A man was reportedly attacked by a mob over alleged blasphemy accusations. The incident occurred in Chitral where a vigilante mob attacked an alleged blasphemer. The man was accused of committing blasphemy after he purportedly issued blasphemous statements following Friday prayers.

Mob attacks blasphemy accused in Pakistan

Details emerged that after the Friday (jummah) prayers, the alleged blasphemer pushed the imam of the mosque to a side as he wanted to address the gathering after the Friday (jummah) prayers. Witnesses detailed that the imam did not grant him permission to address the gathering, the man stood and began uttering began issuing blasphemous statements.

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Soon after this, the attendees started bashing the man, consequently he sustained injuries. He was beaten by the attendees until the imam handed him over to the police. He was held at a local police station, for the sake of his own security.

Later on, a charged mob attacked the police station and managed to break into the police station consequently, police resorted to aerial firing and tear gas shelling in order to disperse the crowd. The situation remains tense as police claims they are trying to restore peace.

Few days ago, 23-year-old Mashal Khan student of Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan was killed by fellow students for allegedly “publishing blasphemous content online”, local police confirmed. This incident occurred within the premises of university.