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Christian activist Ch. Amon moves Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony over moot content in a book


A Pakistani Christian social activist Chaudhary Amon Emmanuel has written a letter to the Federal Minister for Interfaith Harmony concerning controversial material in a syllabus book of Islamic Studies for graduation classes. In his letter he expressed deep grief and vexation over the content found in the book which promoted phony ideas about Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism.

Anti-Christians content in Pakistani syllabus books

In his letter to the Federal Minister, he maintained that this content has genuinely hurt the sentiments of Christians in the country. He censured the false misrepresentation of Christian concept about women and urged for a ban upon this controversial book.

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In this book the author, Muhammad Mukhtar Hassan had described that according to the Christian concept woman was the entry gate for Satan into humanity. Woman is responsible for making Adam disobey God and eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree, although he was in the image of God. The author misleadingly claimed that a Christian cleric had explained woman as an inexorable sin, inevitable trouble, civil threat, cause of doom and an adorned trouble. He further writes Christianity teaches that although women have spirits yet they are evil spirits.

anti-Christians content in Pakistani syllabus

Chaudhary Amon Emmanuel’ letter to the Federal Minister for Interfaith Harmony is as below:

Sardar Muhammad Yousaf (Minister)
The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony
Government of Pakistan

Subject: Hate Speech in Graduation book for Islamic Studies and false description of Minority Religions to provoke minorities and hatred among other religious


I am writing this with a deep wounded heart that in Pakistan, I as a minority has to face hate speech against my religion. And it is not done by any individual rather it has been done by the textbook authorities in Pakistan, as a part of the course of “Islamic Studies Book” (compulsory book) for graduation students.
It is falsely described “Women in Christianity” in this book to hurt the sentiments and peace of the country. Kindly ban this book or reconsider the material written in it.
As a minority I and my community are really injured by the wrong conception of “Women in Christianity.”
I am attaching the following material as an evidence of the matter I raised.

Book name “Islamiyat baraye degree classes” (Lazmi)
Author name: Muhammad Mukhtar Hassan

Yours truly,
Ch. Amon Emmanuel
(Pakistani Christian)