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Christian activists visit a victim of the Iqbal Town attack on Christians


Basharat Khokhar, a Human rights activist and Shamim Masih, an unaffiliated Christian journalist pay a call to one of the injured of the Iqbal Town attack on Christians.

A dismal Christmas for Christians in Iqbal Town,Islamabad.  On 25 of December, 2012 -as the Christians of the locale were departing from their Church after attending the Christmas service; a group of Muslim assaulters armed with rifles and pistols attacked Christian women, men and children unanticipatedly. The callous mob broke the gates of their houses and continued to harass them till an hour, by firing unceasingly at their houses.

As a consequence, many Christians were hit with bullets and many got injured while running to save their lives. This vicious incidence was, not reported by any of the mainstream Newswires.Islamabad police then again, filed an FIR against 25 unidentified and 4 nominated Muslim aggressors; under section 452, 109, 324, 148, 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code. Even as the FIR has been lodged, the situation still remains appalling for the Christians in Iqbal Town as the police seems to be reluctant to take action against the nominees in the FIR. Anticipating fervent action by the police, if  be inclined to think that the Supreme Court of  Pakistan takes a “SOU-MOTO” notice of the incidence.