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Christian Aid Raising Funds for Disaster Affected People in Sierra Leone


Christian Aid is requesting the public’s help to raise emergency funds for the a large number of individuals affected by a mudslide disaster and flooding in Sierra Leone.

Christian Aid Raising Funds for Disaster Affected People in Sierra Leone

Nearly 350 died in the flooding and landslide near Freetown and more than 100 are seriously injured. About 600 more people are missing. About 3,000 people lost their homes.

“We Sierra Leoneans are resilient people and this week our resilience has been cruelly tested, yet again,” said Christian Aid’s country manager Jeanne Kamara.

“As a resident of Freetown, it breaks my heart that another tragedy is unfolding here, while we’re still recovering from the deep-rooted impacts of the Ebola epidemic. We are going from emergency to emergency, and this is wreaking untold emotional, physical and psychological damage.”

According to Christian Aid the crisis assets will be utilized to collaborate with other guide associations in Freetown to give clean drinking water, sustenance, dress, mosquito nets, and kitchen and cleanliness supplies to the people.

Displaced families are living in schools, churches and other open public building until the point when the administration declares a long-term plan to house them.

“The mood here this week is somber and sober, and as I speak the rains are threatening again,” Kamara said. “
Communities, faith groups, aid agencies and government agencies are working hard but there are still a lot of people are using inappropriate make-shift shelters.

“They are now extremely vulnerable, especially women and children. School resumes in about a month’s time and many surviving children have lost all their uniforms and school materials. That’s why we are working around the clock, with our partners here in Freetown, to make sure help gets to those who need it most.”