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Christian’ arms hewn off: Miscreants will be brought to inexorable justice, says Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael


Federal Minister for Human Rights takes notice of the heinous incident of a Christian man’ arms chopped off. (Revisions) In a video statement, Aqeel Masih said that his arms were chopped off because of his brawl with fellows over drugs. He stated that he was not forced to convert as had been reported previously.

Pakistani Christian' arms chopped off over refusal to convert to Islam

While taking notice of the incident, Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran M. said that no one will be given a free hand to conduct malevolence against humanity. He directed Inspector General of Punjab Police Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera to compile a report over the incident in three days. He issued directives to IG Punjab Police to present an exclusive report over the incident.

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“No one will be allowed to bring disgrace to humanity,” Federal Minister stated. He maintained that unbiased and thorough investigations will be held into the incident of a Christian’ arms chopped off. “Those found guilty will be brought to inflexible justice,” he asserted.


True Story of Aqeel Masih Case, nobody forced me to change my religion, the reason of my arms are chopped off is fight over drugs.