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Christian charity to partner with churches in coping with refugee crisis


A newly established Christian charity group ‘Welcome Churches’ has expressed deep commitment and desire to lend a helping hand to churches who are catering to the needs of refugees in Europe. This charity aims to equip churches to help churches settle and restart their lives in the UK.

Refugees in European churches

This charity was formed in response to escalating refugee crisis in Europe, when tens and thousands of refugees from Middle East and other regions poured in. The charity has been founded by Community Church Derby. Community Church Derby has already succored more than 1200 refugees and helped them settle in Derby.

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The Founding Director of the charity Karina Martin said that from previous experience with resettling refugees in Derby saying that the Church must lend them a helping hand. The Church ought “to celebrate the different cultures God has brought to us as a nation.” She said that the Church must learn “how to be good news to those who have experienced a lot of trauma and a lot of loss.”

“From our conversations with other organizations we have identified a real need from churches all across the UK to receive practical support to welcome refugees,” Karina Martin further explained. She said that churches are welcomed if they wish to connect with the charity group.

“Then there’s a team, we do some planning with you and we do some training with you at your church to help you get started. No matter where a church is located, there are now ways to engage whether that is through connecting with asylum seekers, refugees or those arriving through the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme,” she detailed. “We want to help churches identify what opportunities are available to them, and how they can respond,” Karina Martin said.

“In the last 2 years, Europe has experienced the greatest mass movement of people since the Second World War. More than 1 million refugees and migrants have arrived in the European Union, the large majority of them fleeing from war and terror in Syria and other troubled countries,” the European Commission reported.