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Christian Children at refugee camps in Sudan ‘forced to recite Islamic prayers’ in order to receive food


Christian Childern at refugee camps in Sudan are not getting food unless they say Islamic prayers, as per reports got by sources near the main Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

Christian Children at refugee camps in Sudan 'forced to recite Islamic prayers' in order to receive food

The source stated to CIP: ‘We have heard stories where kids are molded to state Islamic prayers before [being] given food. This is wrong. These kids are Christian. They ought to be respected for that.’

About 700,000 South Sudanese Christians are displaced people in Sudan. The source included: ‘The greater part are left in camps, some in an extremely unpleasant situation. They are limited in those places. They are not permitted to go further north to the urban areas.’

Reports also claimed that it is hard for refugee families to survive on food provided by the government.

The charity clarified that a month to month food parcel for a family keeps going minimal over two weeks – parents to seek provisions in the nearby market.

Report also informed that things gave by the UN are sold in the market – many still in wrappers set apart with UNICEF or UNHCR logos.

ACN’s source went ahead to say that the Khartoum government has hampered charities trying to give earnest help to the camps, preventing them from overseeing emergency help.

The source stated: ‘We have heard the story that the government does not enable some other organizations to give bolster including the Church offices.

‘The government knows exceptionally well that the Church is the body on the planet that supports enormously the needy around the world.

‘The Muslim community have a charity, so the Christians have a charity,so that possibility should be given so that the people are supported.’

The source stated: that the identifies with the suffering families especially as he was a refugee as a boy.

He further stated: ‘I tell them I was once a refugee like you – that was not the end of the road… yet still I can now contribute something positive to society.’

He compared refugees to the young Jesus Christ who fled with his parents to Egypt as a child, adding: ‘We call on humanity to have heart [for] refugees.

‘Displaced people ought to be given respect, dignity and their rights should be respected.

‘Never abuse a displaced person because you never know what tomorrow holds.’

The charity’s disclosures from the source that increasing persecution against Christians in Sudan with the regime purportedly increasing its Islamising agenda.

In May a different source, who additionally requested anonymity for security reasons,’Churches [in Sudan] are destroyed but it’s claimed to be just town planning.’ The Church is not allowed to purchase property.’

At around a similar time, a Sudan Church source ‘Churches are being torn down each month – you never hear that about mosques.’

ACN additionally noticed that Church pioneers are progressively worried about Sudan’s intolerance aimed at Christian women.

In June 2015, 12 Christian ladies were arrested as they left a congregation for wearing pants or skirts which were viewed as ‘disgusting or improper dress,’ the charity reviewed.