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Christian Children Rescued From Religious Discrimination


ISLAMABAD: Christian children facing discrimination and immense pressure from their teachers at school because of their faith rescued by an International organization.

Shahtaj and Rukhmir
Shahtaj and Rukhmir

In consistency with details, Rukhmir and Shahtaj expressed gratitude to the International Christian Concern as the organization liberated them from daily ordeal at a local government school. Additionally they also showed appreciation expressed gratitude to all the donors for supporting them.


Rukhmir and Shahtaj come from a Christian family who were being ridiculed, mentally tortured and pressurized at school to convert to Islam. They went through this torment daily, one instance that Shahtaj recalls, “I was called to the front of my class by the teacher. He then proceeded to pressurize me in front of my classmates to convert to Islam.”


Alarmed by the reports of this incidents, the International Christian Concerned approached the afflicted Christian children and helped them get admission in a local private Christian school where,” They are now excelling in a school and have reported being able to finally make friends,” states ICC.


“When these Christian children attended a government school, they were daily made fun of for being Christians not only by their peers but by their teachers also,” ICC reveals.


The International Christian Concern supported both Rukhmir and Shahtaj by,” Getting  them out of the government school and enrolled them into a private Christian school covering their tuition and other school expenses.”


In a recent visit of the International Christian Concern team at their home, Rukhmir and Shahtaj disclosed their happiness and comfort at their new school as the team reports, “both children reported excelling in their studies at their new school. Both also said that they were finally able to start making friends at school.”


Several Christian children face religious discrimination resembling the experiences of Rukhmir and Shahtaj. Ill-treated and showed prejudice because of their religious belief, many of such Christian children do not even comprehend the real cause of their torment; as they “daily fear their next day at school.”


The International Christian Concern urges all, “Please pray for Christian children who are pressured to convert to Islam in Pakistan.”